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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carolyn Merchant, 14 books
Bill McKibben, 11 books
Andrew Goudie, 9 books
John Robert McNeill, 9 books
Garrett Nagle, 6 books
Tony Juniper, 6 books
Simmons, I. G., 6 books
Fred Pearce, 5 books
Neil Morris, 5 books
Andrew Davis, 5 books
Ava Sawyer, 5 books
David J. Cuff, 4 books
Elizabeth Kolbert, 4 books
J. R. McNeill, 4 books
Andrew C. Isenberg, 4 books
Derrick Jensen, 4 books
Emilio F. Moran, 4 books
Chris Maser, 4 books
Rob Shone, 3 books
Mason, Paul, 3 books
Jeri Freedman, 3 books
Marc Bekoff, 3 books
Lester Russell Brown, 3 books
David T. Suzuki, 3 books
Fen Montaigne, 3 books


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