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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lynn M. Stone, 17 books
April Pulley Sayre, 13 books
Jean Craighead George, 12 books
Laurence P. Pringle, 11 books
Edward Osborne Wilson, 10 books
Donald M. Silver, 9 books
Jen Green, 9 books
Michael Begon, 9 books
Paul R. Ehrlich, 9 books
Loren L. Bahls, 8 books
Renato Massa, 8 books
Michael Allaby, 8 books
Eugene Pleasants Odum, 8 books
Richard F. Johnston, 8 books
World Bank, 7 books
Tony Whitten, 7 books
Peter D. Riley, 7 books
Sven Erik Jørgensen, 7 books
Rebecca L. Johnson, 7 books
Allan Fowler, 7 books
Neil Morris, 7 books
Peter W. Frank, 7 books
Paul Fleisher, 7 books
Robert Leo Smith, 7 books
Robert E. Ricklefs, 7 books


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