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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
World Bank, 6 books
Winifred Gallagher, 3 books
Steven Pinker, 3 books
Arthur Robert Jensen, 3 books
John C. Loehlin, 3 books
Lee Willerman, 2 books
Oliver Gillie, 2 books
Jerome Kagan, 2 books
Derek Freeman, 2 books
Joseph Cook, 2 books
Jere R. Behrman, 2 books
John Colapinto, 2 books
Naomi Glauberman, 2 books
David P. Barash, 2 books
Soren Gordhamer, 2 books
Nancy L. Segal, 2 books
Åke Daun, 2 books
Mexico., 2 books
Stephen J. Ceci, 2 books
Donald W. Goodwin, 2 books
Richard J. Herrnstein, 2 books
Ken Richardson, 2 books
David Shenk, 2 books
Anne Anastasi, 2 books
Gilbert Gottlieb, 2 books


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