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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David M. Whitacre, 9 books
Edward J. Calabrese, 4 books
Sandra Steingraber, 3 books
S GANGOLLI, 3 books
Laura Larsen, 3 books
Phil Boise, 3 books
Rick Smith, 3 books
Ronald J. Kendall, 2 books
George Whitaker Ware, 2 books
Colleen F. Moore, 2 books
Sven Erik Jørgensen, 2 books
Cohen, 2 books
Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, 2 books
Marcus Cooke, 2 books
Jane Staveley Hughes, 2 books
Libby McDonald, 2 books
Stephen Penningroth, 2 books
Lawrence H. Keith, 2 books
Joseph F. Louvar, 2 books
Wayne G. Landis, 2 books
Laura Robinson, 2 books
Ming-Ho Yu, 2 books
Harold I. Zeliger, 2 books
Neal K. Ostler, 2 books


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