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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward C. Carterette, 10 books
Gregory, R. L., 8 books
Price, H. H., 7 books
Nathan Olson, 7 books
E. Bruce Goldstein, 7 books
Tana Hoban, 7 books
Luana K. Mitten, 7 books
D. W. Hamlyn, 7 books
Jean Piaget, 6 books
Irvin Rock, 6 books
Helen Keller, 6 books
Gudmund J. W. Smith, 5 books
J. L. Austin, 5 books
S. Howard Bartley, 5 books
Eleanor Jack Gibson, 5 books
Tami Johnson, 5 books
William T. Powers, 5 books
Joyce Jeffries, 5 books
Prinz, Wolfgang, 5 books
Rudolf Arnheim, 5 books
Pierre Maine de Biran, 4 books
Magdalen Dorothea Vernon, 4 books
Hunter Diack, 4 books
Kai von Fieandt, 4 books
Richard Held, 4 books


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