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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M. Gilliland, 2 books
Tobias Frei, 2 books
Lucas Mota, 1 book
John Ringo, 1 book
Cory Doctorow, 1 book
Linda Nagata, 1 book
Neal Stephenson, 1 book
Kim Stanley Robinson, 1 book
Bruce Sterling, 1 book
Kate Thompson, 1 book
Mordecai Roshwald, 1 book
Robert Morris, 1 book
Vernor Vinge, 1 book
Laurent Graff, 1 book
Tad Williams, 1 book
Dave Eggers, 1 book
Bruce T. Holmes, 1 book
Timothy Lake, 1 book
John, F. Miglio, 1 book
Campbell Jefferys, 1 book
Olivia M. Ravensworth, 1 book
Fiona Shaw, 1 book
A. Bertram Chandler, 1 book
Jess Mowry, 1 book
M. R. Carey, 1 book