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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Pendleton, 28 books
James Patterson, 23 books
Warren Murphy, 23 books
Michael Connelly, 22 books
Jules Verne, 19 books
Andy McNab, 17 books
Alistair MacLean, 15 books
Stephen King, 15 books
Lee Child, 15 books
Jonathan Kellerman, 14 books
Tess Gerritsen, 14 books
Jack Higgins, 14 books
Lincoln Child, 13 books
Desmond Bagley, 13 books
James Rollins, 12 books
Stuart Woods, 12 books
John Grisham, 12 books
Alex Kava, 11 books
Patrick Robinson, 11 books
Charlie Huston, 10 books
Robin Cook, 10 books
Tim F. LaHaye, 10 books
James Axler, 9 books
Erica Spindler, 9 books
Robert Leslie Bellem, 9 books