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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierce Brown, 17 books
Herbert W. Franke, 15 books
James Axler, 10 books
Margaret Atwood, 8 books
Nora Roberts, 5 books
Marcus Sakey, 5 books
Octavia E. Butler, 5 books
Joyce Carol Oates, 5 books
J. G. Ballard, 5 books
James Howard Kunstler, 5 books
S. M. Stirling, 4 books
Joe Hill, 4 books
Евге́ний Ива́нович Замя́тин, 4 books
Lionel Shriver, 4 books
Hugh Howey, 4 books
Samantha Shannon, 4 books
Bernd Kreimeier, 3 books
George Orwell, 3 books
Justin Cronin, 3 books
H. G. Wells, 3 books
Julianna Baggott, 3 books
Dave Eggers, 3 books
Jeff VanderMeer, 3 books
Ernest Cline, 3 books
Jennie Melamed, 3 books


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