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present day

103 works / 9 ebooks Search for books with subject present day.

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  • The Book of the Banshee by Anne Fine
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    The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
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    The house of the scorpion by Nancy Farmer
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    The Houdini Girl by Martyn Bedford
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    Smouldering fires by Anya Seton
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    Postmodernism, sociology and health by Nicholas J. Fox
    Legal Thriller by Marcus McGee
    An Italian Journey by David M. Addison
    The Return by Vicki L. Allen
    HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 2 by Nancy Temple Rodrigue
    Butterfly Effect by C. J. Moran
    Blind Bay by Frank Wolf

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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
K. L. Denman, 4 books
Jon Frear, 4 books
Katy Grant, 3 books
Terry L. Sumerlin, 3 books
David M. Addison, 3 books
Nicholas J. Fox, 3 books
Jansina, 3 books
William Lavender, 2 books
Jodine Turner, 2 books
Bernard Lee DeLeo, 2 books
Vicki L. Allen, 2 books
Terry Hester, 2 books
wayne sekulic, 2 books
Rhonda S. Edwards, 2 books
Carol Gordon Ekster, 2 books
Catherine Paris, 1 book
Karen Sandler, 1 book
Gail Lukasik, 1 book
Howard Schor, 1 book
Anya Seton, 1 book
Larry Brown, 1 book
Will Hobbs, 1 book
Greg Rucka, 1 book
Rochelle Melander, 1 book
Martyn Bedford, 1 book


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