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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Poul Anderson, 6 books
Katherine A. Applegate, 6 books
James Blish, 5 books
Orson Scott Card, 3 books
Stanisław Lem, 3 books
Robert Silverberg, 3 books
David Kirk, 2 books
John Brunner, 2 books
Jack Williamson, 2 books
William Shatner, 2 books
Kirk, David, 2 books
Isaac Asimov, 2 books
Michael Angel, 2 books
Nathan Kuzack, 2 books
Mario Bustos Ponce, 1 book
Margaret St. Clair, 1 book
Murray Leinster, 1 book
John Scalzi, 1 book
Elizabeth Bear, 1 book
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1 book
William Camus, 1 book
Lois Lowry, 1 book
Nancy Kress, 1 book
Gertrude Friedberg, 1 book
Robert Sheckley, 1 book


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