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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eric Partridge, 29 books
Burke, David, 25 books
Jonathon Green, 22 books
Richard A. Spears, 16 books
Farmer, John Stephen, 13 books
Pierre Merle, 10 books
John Ayto, 10 books
José Gobello, 9 books
Lazăr Șăineanu, 9 books
Francis Grose, 9 books
Tom Dalzell, 8 books
Robert L. Chapman, 8 books
Robert Giraud, 8 books
Oleksa Horbach, 8 books
Julie Coleman, 7 books
Lorédan Larchey, 7 books
Delvau, Alfred, 7 books
Delfín Carbonell Basset, 7 books
Maciej Widawski, 7 books
Peter Constantine, 7 books
Georgette A. Marks, 6 books
John Camden Hotten, 6 books
T. G. Nikitina, 6 books
Akihiko Yonekawa, 6 books
Gerald Leonard Cohen, 6 books


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