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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simon, Josef, 8 books
Umberto Eco, 7 books
Nancy Harris, 7 books
Kathy Kifer, 6 books
Jane Schneider, 6 books
Jacques Derrida, 6 books
Jeremias Drexel, 6 books
Jack Tresidder, 6 books
Nicolas Caussin, 5 books
Julia Kristeva, 5 books
Ernst Lehner, 5 books
Jurgen Ruesch, 4 books
Cameron Yerian, 4 books
Frutiger, Adrian, 4 books
Heike Owusu, 4 books
Nadia Julien, 4 books
Tina Jo Breindel, 4 books
Andrew Kner, 4 books
Spasoje Vlajić, 3 books
Giambattista della Porta, 3 books
Erhardt D. Stiebner, 3 books
Morris, Charles W., 3 books
Walter Diethelm, 3 books
V. V. Pokhlebkin, 3 books
Linda Silver, 3 books


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