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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Elkins, 7 books
Klaus Sachs-Hombach, 7 books
Claude Cossette, 6 books
Peter Zec, 6 books
Ray A. Schwalm, 6 books
Nicholas Mirzoeff, 6 books
Susan B. Barnes, 5 books
James Elkins, 5 books
Sunil Manghani, 5 books
Laurent Gervereau, 5 books
Edward R. Tufte, 5 books
Rick Poynor, 4 books
Paul Bouissac, 4 books
David Sibbet, 4 books
Jorge Frascara, 4 books
W. J. T. Mitchell, 4 books
Donald McQuade, 4 books
Ellen Lupton, 4 books
Paul Martin Lester, 4 books
Wenzel, Horst, 4 books
Peter Ludes, 4 books
Gareth Cook, 4 books
SQA Past Papers Staff, 4 books
David Machin, 3 books
José Bártolo, 3 books


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