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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Umberto Eco, 39 books
Roland Barthes, 31 books
I︠U︡. M. Lotman, 26 books
Thomas Albert Sebeok, 18 books
Algirdas Julien Greimas, 16 books
John N. Deely, 16 books
Susan Petrilli, 15 books
Marcel Danesi, 14 books
Floyd Merrell, 14 books
Augusto Ponzio, 13 books
Per Aage Brandt, 12 books
Gian Paolo Caprettini, 9 books
Eero Tarasti, 9 books
Achim Eschbach, 8 books
Thomas A. Sebeok, 8 books
Walter A. Koch, 8 books
Omar Calabrese, 7 books
Jacques Fontanille, 7 books
Paul Cobley, 7 books
Tadeusz Kowzan, 7 books
Paul Bouissac, 6 books
Jakobson, Roman, 6 books
Karl Eimermacher, 6 books
Arthur Asa Berger, 6 books
Isabella Pezzini, 6 books


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