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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steven Heller, 24 books
Robert Klanten, 18 books
Steven Heller, 17 books
NA, 15 books
Steven Heller, 15 books
B. Martin Pedersen, 12 books
Mary Cox, 8 books
Hendrik Hellige, 7 books
Robin Landa, 6 books
Graphic Artists Guild (U.S.), 6 books
Books Nippan, 6 books
Poppy Evans, 6 books
Ellen Lupton, 6 books
Michael Fleishman, 6 books
Rick Poynor, 5 books
Supon Design Group, 5 books
Edward M. Gomez, 5 books
Michael Bierut, 5 books
Sven Ehmann, 5 books
Bob Gill, 5 books
Wolf Stubbe, 4 books
Edward Booth-Clibborn, 4 books
Roger Walton, 4 books
Tom Porter, 4 books
Rich Larson, 4 books


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