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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steven Heller, 12 books
McMurtrie, Douglas C., 10 books
Louise Fili, 9 books
Timothy Samara, 8 books
Philip B. Meggs, 8 books
Steven Heller, 7 books
Robert Klanten, 7 books
Gavin Ambrose, 6 books
Williams, Robin, 6 books
David Jury, 5 books
Rob Carter, 5 books
Ellen Lupton, 5 books
Steven Heller, 5 books
Jan V. White, 5 books
Kimberly Elam, 4 books
Gail Anderson, 4 books
Tschichold, Jan, 4 books
Alex White, 4 books
Paul Harris, 4 books
Poppy Evans, 4 books
James Felici, 4 books
Emil Ruder, 3 books
Roger Walton, 3 books
Kristin Cullen, 3 books
Hermann Zapf, 3 books


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