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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Blatner, 19 books
Galen Gruman, 18 books
Robin B. McAllister, 12 books
Barbara Assadi, 10 books
Sandee Cohen, 10 books
Elaine Weinmann, 9 books
Adobe Systems, 9 books
David Browne, 8 books
Deke McClelland, 8 books
David D. Busch, 8 books
Diane Burns, 8 books
Williams, Robin, 8 books
Olav Martin Kvern, 7 books
Martin S. Matthews, 6 books
Roger C. Parker, 6 books
Kim Baker, 6 books
Michael Gosney, 6 books
Tony Bove, 6 books
Luisa Simone, 5 books
Adobe Systems Inc., 5 books
Jim McCarter, 5 books
Tony Webster, 5 books
Daniel Will-Harris, 5 books
Ted Alspach, 5 books
Terry Rydberg, 4 books


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