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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Pennell, 9 books
John Noel Claude Lewis, 6 books
Blanka Stehlíková, 5 books
Hedwig Gollob, 5 books
Henri Matisse, 5 books
Lothar Lang, 5 books
Simon, Howard, 5 books
Vittorio Pica, 5 books
Giuseppina Zappella, 5 books
David Wootton, 5 books
Sidorov, A. A., 5 books
Ian Rogerson, 5 books
František Holešovský, 5 books
Edward Hodnett, 4 books
Walt Reed, 4 books
National Book League (Great Britain), 4 books
Vera Salomons, 4 books
Rein Loodus, 4 books
Margaret Weis, 4 books
David Bland, 4 books
Cesare Ratta, 4 books
Jeff A. Menges, 4 books
Antonio Faeti, 4 books
Alice Pope, 4 books
Marcie Muir, 4 books


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