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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrea Alciati, 43 books
Peter M. Daly, 23 books
Otto van Veen, 21 books
Herman Hugo, 20 books
Francis Quarles, 20 books
Cesare Ripa, 15 books
Jan Luiken, 12 books
Paolo Giovio, 10 books
Camerarius, Joachim, 10 books
Scipione Bargagli, 9 books
Philip Ayres, 8 books
Jacob Cats, 8 books
Claude Paradin, 7 books
Geffrey Whitney, 7 books
Peacham, Henry, 7 books
Florentius Schoonhovius, 7 books
John Huddlestone Wynne, 7 books
Diego de Saavedra Fajardo, 6 books
Green, Henry, 6 books
Christopher Harvey, 6 books
Georgette de Montenay, 6 books
Jeremias Drexel, 6 books
Michael Bath, 6 books
Cesare Ripa, 6 books
Wither, George, 5 books


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