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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Trevor Royle, 7 books
Hamish Whyte, 6 books
Ian Brown, 6 books
Duncan Glen, 5 books
MacDiarmid, Hugh, 4 books
Agnes Mure Mackenzie, 4 books
Brian D. Osborne, 4 books
Harry Ritchie, 4 books
Carla Sassi, 4 books
Carl MacDougall, 4 books
Alan Riach, 4 books
Maurice Lindsay, 4 books
Isobel Murray, 3 books
Edwin Muir, 3 books
Eric Linklater, 3 books
G. Gregory Smith, 3 books
Gerard Carruthers, 3 books
Scott, Alexander, 3 books
J. Derrick McClure, 3 books
David Daiches, 3 books
John MacQueen, 3 books
Alan Norman Bold, 3 books
Susanne Hagemann, 3 books
Ronald D. S. Jack, 3 books
Roderick Watson, 2 books


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