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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brown, George Mackay., 18 books
William Peace, 6 books
Anna Ritchie, 4 books
Eric Linklater, 3 books
R. G. Lamb, 3 books
Martin Martin, 3 books
George Barry, 3 books
Olivier Dunrea, 3 books
Orkney (Scotland). County Council, 3 books
Sir Walter Scott, 3 books
Ernest W. Marwick, 3 books
John W. Hedges, 2 books
Bessie Skea, 2 books
Juliet Marillier, 2 books
W. Towrie Cutt, 2 books
Miller, Ronald, 2 books
Banks, Mary Macleod., 2 books
Gilbert Goudie, 2 books
Margot Wadley, 2 books
Wallace, James, 2 books
Anderson, Joseph, 2 books
Þormóður Torfason, 2 books
Renaud, Jean, 2 books
Betty Levin, 2 books
Laurie Brooks, 2 books


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