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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hutchison, David, 14 books
Eric Donkor, 8 books
Umberto Eco, 7 books
Osvaldo Gervasi, 7 books
Bertil Malmberg, 5 books
Andrew R. Pirich, 5 books
Marina L. Gavrilova, 5 books
Rick Riolo, 5 books
Robert Meersman, 5 books
Ingo Althöfer, 5 books
Guy Jumarie, 4 books
A. M. I͡Aglom, 4 books
Alfréd Rényi, 4 books
Keith J. Devlin, 4 books
Bernhard Ganter, 4 books
Henning F. Harmuth, 4 books
Vipin Kumar, 4 books
Tharam Dillon, 4 books
Herve Panetto, 4 books
David Taniar, 4 books
Howard E. Brandt, 4 books
Aleksandr I͡Akovlevich Khinchin, 4 books
Rudolf Ahlswede, 4 books
C. J. Kenneth Tan, 4 books
Gerd Leuchs, 4 books


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