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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wilhelm Busch, 10 books
Wiglaf Droste, 6 books
Matthias Biskupek, 4 books
Felix Bobertag, 3 books
Ralf König, 3 books
Renate Holland-Moritz, 3 books
Rudolph Herzog, 3 books
Ludwig Hollweck, 3 books
Wilhelm Fraenger, 3 books
Bernhard Pollak, 2 books
Heinrich Lützeler, 2 books
Hermann Rinn, 2 books
H. Bachmann, 2 books
Karl Lerbs, 2 books
Peter Jung, 2 books
Franziska Bilek, 2 books
Hans-Heinrich Rottgardt, 2 books
Max Vandrey, 2 books
Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, 2 books
Johannes Banzhaf, 2 books
Utermann, Wilhelm, 2 books
Ralf König, 2 books
Anton Ohorn, 2 books
Erich Strassner, 2 books
Frazer Clark, 2 books


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