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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Heinrich Zille, 16 books
Andreas Paul Weber, 16 books
George Grosz, 13 books
Wilhelm Busch, 13 books
Walter Hanel, 11 books
Loriot, 11 books
E. O. Plauen, 8 books
Rauch, Hans-Georg, 8 books
Kurt Halbritter, 7 books
Hans Dollinger, 7 books
John Heartfield, 7 books
Marie Marcks, 6 books
Dieter Hanitzsch, 6 books
Karl Arnold, 6 books
Friedrich Karl Waechter, 5 books
Fritz Behrendt, 5 books
Herwig Guratzsch, 5 books
Horst Haitzinger, 4 books
Chlodwig Poth, 4 books
Josef Blaumeiser, 4 books
Robert Gernhardt, 4 books
Bernd Pfarr, 4 books
Becker, Franziska, 3 books
Ernst Volland, 3 books
Rudolf Wilke, 3 books


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