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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William S. Laufer, 10 books
Freda Adler, 10 books
Gerhard Otto Walter Mueller, 10 books
Joseph Victor, 5 books
Joanne Naughton, 5 books
Steven J. Dunker, 4 books
Sue Titus Reid, 4 books
Nancy Grace, 3 books
Diane Clehane, 3 books
Ronald F. Wright, 3 books
Cliff Roberson, 3 books
William Laufer, 3 books
Paul M. Sharp, 3 books
George E. Rush, 3 books
Glenn Hutton, 3 books
David Johnston, 3 books
Marc L. Miller, 3 books
Wayne R. Lafave, 3 books
Jerold H. Israel, 3 books
Javier Augusto De Luca, 3 books
Barry W. Hancock, 3 books
Steven M. Cox, 3 books
John Dombrink, 2 books
Helmut Fuchs, 2 books
Gerry Rose, 2 books


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