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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Knox, 3 books
Simpson, O. J., 3 books
Baker, Jim, 2 books
Christopher A. Darden, 2 books
Gerald F. Uelmen, 2 books
Faye D. Resnick, 2 books
Larry Felser, 2 books
Stephen Singular, 2 books
Mark Fuhrman, 2 books
Lawrence Schiller, 2 books
Thomas J. Riccio, 2 books
Dick Belsky, 1 book
Larry Fox, 1 book
Marshall Burchard, 1 book
Bill Libby, 1 book
Janet Cotterill, 1 book
Jon Jameson, 1 book
Dorothy Childers Schmitz, 1 book
James Willwerth, 1 book
A. S. Young, 1 book
Hill, Raymond, 1 book
Michael Pellowski, 1 book
Davis, Don, 1 book
Dominick Dunne, 1 book
Daniel Petrocelli, 1 book


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