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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Norman S. Goldenberg, 82 books
James Tyler Kent, 49 books
Lorraine Weinrib, 46 books
Alan Brudner, 46 books
Thomas Babington Macaulay, 41 books
Peter Tenen, 38 books
Bernard Green, 34 books
Jacob S. Ziegel, 32 books
Carol Rogerson, 32 books
Arnold Weinrib, 30 books
Ernest Joseph Weinrib, 29 books
Kent Roach, 28 books
Edward M. Morgan, 27 books
Patrick Macklem, 26 books
Phillips, Jim, 25 books
Abraham Drassinower, 25 books
Denise Réaume, 24 books
Brian Langille, 24 books
William B. Lockhart, 23 books
L. V. Tikhomirova, 23 books
India. Supreme Court., 23 books
Angela Swan, 22 books
Rick Libman, 22 books
United States. Supreme Court., 21 books
Brenda Cossman, 19 books


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