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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 61 books
D. C. Lau, 30 books
Giuseppe Savoca, 28 books
Zhihua He, 24 books
Manfred Wacht, 18 books
Paul Tombeur, 17 books
Fangzheng Chen, 17 books
Noel Polk, 14 books
James M. Haule, 14 books
Todd K. Bender, 13 books
Bernard Coulie, 9 books
Chayim Yehoshua Kasovsky, 8 books
Marianne McDonald, 8 books
Keith Cameron, 8 books
Roy J. Deferrari, 7 books
Norbert Hinske, 7 books
Lane Cooper, 6 books
Bo Li, 6 books
Henri Quellet, 6 books
Mary Cowden Clarke, 6 books
Larry Edward Wegener, 6 books
Charles Carlut, 6 books
Alastair McKinnon, 5 books
Jean-Jacques Hamm, 5 books
Michael James Preston, 5 books


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