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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Werner Stoye, 55 books
Wilfried Bütow, 32 books
Ludwig Barth, 31 books
Wolfgang Schulz, 31 books
Hans-Joachim Wilke, 29 books
Dietrich Pohlmann, 26 books
Marianne Heidrich, 24 books
Klaus Liebers, 22 books
Inge Koch, 21 books
Karin Arnold, 19 books
Barbara Arndt, 18 books
Christine Kretschmer, 17 books
Friedhelm Käpnick, 17 books
Dieter Richter, 16 books
Mandy Fuchs, 16 books
Heidemarie Dammenhayn, 16 books
Uwe Beck, 16 books
Volkmar Dietrich, 15 books
Dieter Schmidt, 14 books
Ulrike Bertelmann, 14 books
Heidi Goßmann, 14 books
Hans Blümel, 14 books
Christiane Högermann, 14 books
Marianne Grassmann, 13 books
Karl Meißner, 13 books

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