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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kunze, Peter., 4 books
Adolf Černý, 3 books
Jan Cyž, 3 books
Kazimierz Kaczmarek, 2 books
Jan Cyž, 2 books
Jakub Wjacsławk, 2 books
Vladimír Míčan, 2 books
Jurij Młynk, 2 books
Tone Glavan, 2 books
Josef Páta, 2 books
Jan Kapras, 2 books
Adolf Ćerný, 2 books
Josef Páta, 2 books
Alfons Frencl, 2 books
Vladimír Zmeškal, 2 books
Gerald Stone, 2 books
Joža Horvat, 2 books
Lech Leciejewicz, 1 book
Arnošt Simon, 1 book
Mirosław Azembski, 1 book
Ludvík Kuba, 1 book
Martin Zeiller, 1 book
Helmut Hauptmann, 1 book
Richthofen, Bolko Freiherr von, 1 book
Marian Kubera, 1 book


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