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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Edmond About, 11 books
A. A. Cournot, 10 books
Jules Michelet, 9 books
Louis Figuier, 8 books
Hippolyte Taine, 6 books
Jules Étienne Joseph Quicherat, 5 books
Pierre Corneille, 5 books
Jean de La Bruyère, 5 books
Payen M., 5 books
Paul Scudo, 4 books
Gabriel Ferry, 4 books
P. Cornelius Tacitus, 4 books
Adolphe Garnier, 4 books
François Noel, 4 books
Eugène Desmarest, 4 books
Arsène Houssaye, 4 books
Théophile Gautier, 4 books
E. Daumas, 3 books
Charles Didier, 3 books
P. Flourens, 3 books
Blaise Pascal, 3 books
Georg Ohm, 3 books
Anselme Payen, 3 books
Champfleury, 3 books
François Tommy Perrens, 3 books

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