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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
No name, 28 books
Richard von Krafft-Ebing, 26 books
Wilhelm Ebstein, 10 books
Wilhelm Max Wundt, 10 books
Carl Heinrich Stratz, 10 books
Josef Kohler, 9 books
Max Dessoir, 9 books
C. J. A. Mittermaier, 8 books
Hans Weinert, 7 books
Rudolf Kobert, 7 books
Willy Hugo Hellpach, 6 books
Ulrich Stutz, 6 books
Alfred Vierkandt, 5 books
Heinrich Quiring, 5 books
Georg Berg, 5 books
Johann Friedrich von Schulte, 5 books
Baas, Joh. Hermann, 5 books
Moriz Kaposi, 5 books
No name, 5 books
Gottfried Eisermann, 5 books
Wilhelm Sauer, 4 books
Georg Brauer, 4 books
Emil Utitz, 4 books
Eickstedt, Egon Freiherr von, 4 books
Adam Politzer, 4 books

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