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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Church of England, 49 books
Richard Hooker, 36 books
William Lyndwood, 18 books
J. H. R. Prompsault, 13 books
Canon Law Society of America. Convention, 11 books
Paul Hinschius, 10 books
Spain., 8 books
Queen Elizabeth I, 7 books
Great Britain, 7 books
Louis Thomassin, 7 books
Russia., 7 books
Phillips, George, 6 books
Joseph Listl, 6 books
Norman Doe, 6 books
Louis Carlen, 6 books
Klaus Schlaich, 6 books
Joseph Biner, 6 books
Inge Gampl, 6 books
Catholic Church, 6 books
Spelman, Henry Sir, 6 books
Zeger Bernard van Espen, 6 books
S. B. Smith, 5 books
Richard Potz, 5 books
Rand McNally, 5 books
Christian Thomasius, 5 books


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