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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Hooker, 42 books
Richard Baxter, 12 books
Adolf von Harnack, 11 books
Lyman Coleman, 8 books
Peter King, 8 books
Joseph Bingham, 8 books
Thomas Bilson, 7 books
Owen, John, 7 books
John Cotton, 7 books
Edward Stillingfleet, 7 books
Samuel Rutherford, 6 books
Edwin Hatch, 6 books
George Gillespie, 6 books
Ebenezer Chaplin, 5 books
Congregation of God in the Spirit., 5 books
William Prynne, 5 books
Richard Mather, 5 books
Richard Watson, 4 books
John Udall, 4 books
Campegius Vitringa, 4 books
Bowden, John, 4 books
Miller, Samuel, 4 books
C. Peter Wagner, 4 books
John Overall, 4 books
Thomas Witherow, 3 books


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