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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles E. Curran, 49 books
Thomas Browne, 31 books
Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, 27 books
Bernhard Häring, 26 books
Dietmar Mieth, 20 books
Stanley Hauerwas, 19 books
Josef Fuchs, 18 books
Franz Böckle, 18 books
James M. Gustafson, 17 books
James F. Keenan, 17 books
Richard A. McCormick, 17 books
Maeng, Yong-gil, 16 books
Pope John Paul II, 16 books
Jeremias Drexel, 16 books
Marciano Vidal, 15 books
Paul Ramsey, 15 books
Klaus Demmer, 15 books
Nikolaĭ Berdi͡aev, 14 books
Friedrich Schleiermacher, 13 books
Jean Pierre Gury, 13 books
Franz Furger, 13 books
Joseph Francis Fletcher, 13 books
Enda McDonagh, 13 books
Thomas Aquinas, 12 books
Pierre Nicole, 12 books


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