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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Max Weber, 9 books
T. W. M. Marshall, 7 books
Gerhard Besier, 7 books
Mark A. Noll, 7 books
Steve Bruce, 6 books
Marty, Martin E., 6 books
Wolfgang Huber, 6 books
Martin Greschat, 6 books
Caldwell, Erskine, 5 books
Gustave Weigel, 5 books
Jean Pierre Bastian, 5 books
Friedrich Blume, 4 books
Wilhelm Niesel, 4 books
Kenneth Wilson Underwood, 4 books
Robert McAfee Brown, 4 books
Heinz Zahrnt, 4 books
Akio Dohi, 4 books
Robert Wallace, 4 books
William R. Hutchison, 4 books
Roger Mehl, 3 books
Erik Routley, 3 books
Oscar Cullmann, 3 books
George A. Lindbeck, 3 books
Gollwitzer, Helmut., 3 books
Samuel Mours, 3 books


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