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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Viktor Wallner, 4 books
Hans-Peter Becht, 4 books
Konrad Exner-Seemann, 3 books
Heinz Bischof, 2 books
Friedrich Wielandt, 2 books
Robert Feger, 2 books
Leopold Ladenburg, 2 books
Arthur von Schneider, 2 books
Monika Pohl, 2 books
Hermann Schmid, 2 books
Heinz Kneile, 2 books
Eugen Herwig, 2 books
Wielandt, Friedrich., 2 books
Badischer Kunstverein., 2 books
Hubert Baum, 2 books
Carl Kaiser, 2 books
Wolfram Metzger, 2 books
Andreas Vowinckel, 2 books
Bender, Helmut, 2 books
Hans Fenske, 2 books
Paul Sauer, 2 books
Kaspar Löffler, 2 books
Norman Douglas, 2 books
Adolf Lewin, 2 books
Ernst Otto Bräunche, 2 books


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