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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexander Hamilton, 47 books
James Madison, 34 books
John Jay, 29 books
Aristotle, 27 books
United States, 17 books
James Madison, 17 books
Stubbs, William, 16 books
Bourinot, John George Sir, 14 books
John Jay, 13 books
Edward S. Corwin, 13 books
Friedrich, Carl J., 12 books
United States. Continental Congress., 12 books
Prynne, William, 12 books
Robert MacGregor Dawson, 11 books
Germany, 11 books
Nicolas Bergasse, 11 books
Duverger, Maurice, 10 books
W. P. M. Kennedy, 10 books
Henry Hallam, 10 books
Mexico., 10 books
Clinton Lawrence Rossiter, 9 books
Robert James McWhirter, 9 books
George Burton Adams, 9 books
Leonard Williams Levy, 9 books
Kermit Hall, 9 books


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