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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Madison, 11 books
Robert Allen Rutland, 6 books
Irving Brant, 6 books
Adrienne Koch, 5 books
John Quincy Adams, 5 books
Lowell, John, 5 books
Sydney Howard Gay, 5 books
James Madison, 5 books
J. C. A. Stagg, 4 books
Peter Chardon Brooks, 4 books
William C. Rives, 3 books
DeWitt Clinton, 3 books
Irving Brant, 3 books
Lance Banning, 3 books
David Nevin, 3 books
Thomas Jefferson, 3 books
Irving Brant, 3 books
Morris, Richard Brandon, 2 books
Dolley Madison, 2 books
Dorothy Clarke Wilson, 2 books
Donald O. Dewey, 2 books
Stuart Eric Leibiger, 2 books
Jean Fritz, 2 books
Andrew Burstein, 2 books
Bruce Chadwick, 2 books


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