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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Euler, 72 books
JUCKER, 35 books
Leonhard Euler, 30 books
Ernest Jucker, 25 books
Bachmann, 23 books
Peter Zec, 21 books
Princeton Architectural Press, 20 books
Petra Schmidt, 18 books
Werner Blaser, 16 books
Ernst Jucker, 14 books
Martin Nicholas Kunz, 14 books
Alexander Ostrowski, 13 books
I. Gohberg, 13 books
Gohberg, I., 13 books
Thuerlimann, 10 books
Israel Gohberg, 9 books
Meier, 9 books
Meinhard von Gerkan, 9 books
Conway Lloyd Morgan, 8 books
Lampert, 8 books
Volker Fischer, 8 books
Anderheggen, 8 books
Steven G. Krantz, 7 books
E. Cinlar, 7 books
Christian Schittich, 7 books

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