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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Louis Lions, 25 books
Wolfgang Tutschke, 12 books
S. L. Sobolev, 11 books
Francois Treves, 10 books
Edouard Goursat, 9 books
Michel Chipot, 9 books
Bert-Wolfgang Schulze, 8 books
S. K. Godunov, 8 books
G. F. D. Duff, 7 books
Luigi Ambrosio, 7 books
Heinrich G. W. Begehr, 7 books
Fritz John, 7 books
M. M. Smirnov, 6 books
Jürgen Jost, 6 books
C. Canuto, 6 books
Lars Hörmander, 6 books
K.-H Hoffmann, 6 books
Michael Griebel, 6 books
Alfio Quarteroni, 6 books
Giuseppe Da Prato, 6 books
H. Holden, 6 books
J. F. Pommaret, 6 books
William F. Ames, 6 books
Claes Johnson, 5 books
Shigeru Mizohata, 5 books