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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gohberg, I., 20 books
Daniel Alpay, 18 books
I. Gohberg, 10 books
Israel Gohberg, 9 books
Marchenko, V. A., 8 books
M. A. Kaashoek, 6 books
Jan Janas, 6 books
Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy, 5 books
Alexander J. Zaslavski, 5 books
H. Bart, 5 books
Bernd Silbermann, 5 books
Carlos S. Kubrusly, 5 books
Bert-Wolfgang Schulze, 5 books
Victor Vinnikov, 5 books
Wolfgang Arendt, 4 books
Man Wah Wong, 4 books
Fabrizio Colombo, 4 books
Simeon Reich, 4 books
Marinus A. Kaashoek, 4 books
Y. A. Abramovich, 4 books
H. Langer, 4 books
N. K. Nikolʹskiĭ, 4 books
André Unterberger, 4 books
Joseph A. Ball, 4 books
H. Dym, 3 books