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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. H. Natsuyama, 10 books
Lawrence F. Shampine, 9 books
Jacques Louis Lions, 7 books
C. Constanda, 5 books
L. Collatz, 5 books
Ernst Hairer, 5 books
W. Hackbusch, 5 books
Ali Hasan Nayfeh, 5 books
S. F. McCormick, 5 books
Robert D. Skeel, 5 books
Robert Lattès, 5 books
Fox, L., 4 books
Patrick J. Roache, 4 books
G. I. Marchuk, 4 books
Erich Kamke, 4 books
Donald Greenspan, 4 books
Alfio Quarteroni, 4 books
Ronald E. Mickens, 4 books
Roger Temam, 4 books
L. M. Delves, 3 books
Alexander Ostrowski, 3 books
A. O. Gelʹfond, 3 books
Fónyad, Zoltán., 3 books
Leon Lapidus, 3 books
Christopher T. H. Baker, 3 books


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