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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Berlitz Publishing Company, 108 books
Berlitz, 46 books
Editions Berlitz, 33 books
Editions Berlitz S.A., 32 books
Inc. Berlitz International, 28 books
Alan Tucker, 23 books
Martin Gostelow, 17 books
Berlitz., 15 books
Jack Altman, 15 books
Maximilian Delphinus Berlitz, 14 books
Neil Wilson, 13 books
Ken Bernstein, 11 books
Paul Murphy, 8 books
Jack Altman, 7 books
Douglas Ward, 5 books
BERLITZ., 5 books
Jack Messenger, 4 books
Brigitte Lee, 4 books
M. D. Berlitz, 4 books
Fred Mawer, 4 books
Kate Dobson, 4 books
Donna Dailey, 4 books
Jason Best, 4 books
Suzanne Patterson, 3 books
Douglas Ward, 3 books


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