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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Berlitz Publishing Company, 97 books
Inc. Berlitz International, 55 books
Lexus, 44 books
Berlitz Guides, 33 books
Juan Kattan-Ibarra, 33 books
Collins UK, 23 books
Lonely Planet Phrasebooks, 23 books
Carol Stanley, 19 books
Philippa Goodrich, 19 books
Gerdi Quist, 18 books
Paul Coggle, 17 books
Shirley Baldwin, 16 books
Lesley Gilbert, 16 books
Cassette Pack, 16 books
Maurice Elston, 15 books
Heiner Schenke, 15 books
Sarah Boas, 15 books
Lydia Vellaccio, 13 books
Rosa Maria Martin, 13 books
Martyn Ellis, 13 books
Elizabeth Scurfield, 13 books
Jack Smart, 12 books
Frances Altorfer, 12 books
Lianyi Song, 12 books
Angela Aries, 12 books


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