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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William S. Pfeiffer, 9 books
Sharon J. Gerson, 4 books
Philip C. Kolin, 4 books
Clément Duval, 4 books
Joan M. Saslow, 3 books
Leila R. Smith, 3 books
Jeremy Day, 3 books
Gregory Allen Barnes, 3 books
George E. Kennedy, 3 books
Linda S. Coleman, 2 books
Meenakshi Raman, 2 books
Naomi Sager, 2 books
Josette Lecomte, 2 books
John F. Mongillo, 2 books
Robert A. Day, 2 books
Michael L. Keene, 2 books
Judith S. VanAlstyne, 2 books
Joseph M. Williams, 2 books
George J. Searles, 2 books
David W. Rigby, 2 books
Steven M. Gerson, 2 books
Sharon Gerson, 2 books
Steven Gerson, 2 books
Morry Sofer, 2 books
David Bonamy, 2 books


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