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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marcel Raymond, 4 books
Albert-Marie Schmidt, 4 books
Ernest Raynaud, 4 books
Rozalii͡a Likova, 4 books
Jacques Ribard, 4 books
Jalāl Rabʻī, 4 books
Anna Elizabeth Balakian, 4 books
Remy de Gourmont, 3 books
Michaud, Guy, 3 books
Alfred Poizat, 3 books
Alfred Glauser, 3 books
Paul Delsemme, 3 books
Joseph Chiari, 3 books
Pongs, Hermann, 3 books
Pierre Martino, 3 books
Symons, Arthur, 3 books
Hazard Adams, 3 books
Désirée Hirst, 3 books
Guy Michaud, 3 books
Ḥamuṭal Bar-Yosef, 3 books
N. Valentinov, 3 books
Romano Luperini, 3 books
Rubén Darío, 3 books
Kenneth Burke, 2 books
Manfred Koch, 2 books


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