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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R. S. Cohen, 13 books
Marx W. Wartofsky, 11 books
Mario Bunge, 11 books
Paul K. Feyerabend, 11 books
Robert S. Cohen, 10 books
Peter Achinstein, 9 books
Bertrand Russell, 8 books
Alfred North Whitehead, 8 books
Karl Popper, 8 books
John Earman, 8 books
Wesley C. Salmon, 8 books
Joseph Agassi, 8 books
Lawrence Sklar, 8 books
Paul Humphreys, 7 books
Isabelle Stengers, 7 books
Steven French, 7 books
Steve Fuller, 7 books
John D. Barrow, 7 books
Evandro Agazzi, 7 books
Anthony O'Hear, 7 books
Jacob Bronowski, 6 books
Paul G. Hewitt, 6 books
Stephen Hawking, 6 books
Imre Lakatos, 6 books
John A. Suchocki, 6 books