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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nick Logan, 2 books
Parke Puterbaugh, 1 book
Dan Peters, 1 book
Greg Potter, 1 book
Billy Bergman, 1 book
Sean Brickell, 1 book
Walker, Michael, 1 book
Larry Kirwan, 1 book
William York, 1 book
Vernon Joynson, 1 book
Michael Jarrett, 1 book
Lawrence Grossberg, 1 book
Brock Helander, 1 book
Simon Reynolds, 1 book
Robert Christgau, 1 book
William D. Goodfellow, 1 book
Greil Marcus, 1 book
Gary Fincke, 1 book
Mac Randall, 1 book
Paolo Hewitt, 1 book
Spin Magazine, 1 book
Bill Brewster, 1 book
Michael Heatley, 1 book
Gary Graff, 1 book
Frank W. Hoffman, 1 book


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