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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Webber, 20 books
James F. White, 13 books
Horton Davies, 9 books
William H. Willimon, 7 books
Irene Mildenberger, 6 books
Ruth C. Duck, 6 books
Robert E. Webber, 5 books
Hughes Oliphant Old, 5 books
David L. Bone, 5 books
Don E. Saliers, 5 books
Paul F. Bradshaw, 5 books
Westminster Assembly (1643-1652), 4 books
Vilmos Vajta, 4 books
King, William, 4 books
Scott Francis Brenner, 4 books
Tom Kraeuter, 4 books
Ralph P. Martin, 4 books
J. Boyse, 4 books
Percy Dearmer, 3 books
Micklem, Nathaniel, 3 books
Alfred Kuen, 3 books
Keun Won Park, 3 books
Dan Kimball, 3 books
Gordon Lathrop, 3 books
Paul Westermeyer, 3 books


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